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Roller conveyor is suitable for conveying goods of flat bottom, and is mainly composed of driving roller, rack, support leg and motor. It has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, fast speed and light working, and can realize multi-variety collinear split conveying. The roller conveyor is easy to connect and filter, and multiple roller lines and other conveying equipment or special plane can be used to form a complex logistics conveying system.

According to the driving mode, it can be classified into power roller conveyor and gravity roller conveyor. According to the layout, it can be classified into horizontal roller conveyor, inclined roller conveyor and curved roller conveyor. It can also be specially designed according to the requirements of various customers.

Please provide the following parameters as much as possible before enquiry for quick quotation.

The parameters of the conveyed material: the external dimensions of the conveyed material, the weight of the single piece of conveyed material, the outer packaging of the conveyed material, and the type of the conveyed material.

Working environment: temperature, humidity, pollution degree

Conveying direction: straight, climbing, curved, vertical lifting

Conveyor dimensions: length, effective width, height, turning inner diameter.

Conveyor body material: stainless steel, aluminum profile, carbon steel spray paint or plastic spray (colors are customized)

Drive device: motor/motor driven roller, frequency converter and electrical components, brand, power, speed (fixed speed/variable speed)

Roller selection: length, diameter, mounting method, body material, shaft material, surface treatment.

Power supply: single-phase 200V, single-phase 110V, three-phase 220V, three-phase 380V, DC24V/48V.

Established in year of 2004, Longwei Automatic is a comprehensive supplier of conveyor modules, rollers and other conveyor parts in logistic system.
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