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Belt Conveyor Pulley

Belt conveyor pulleys consist of carrying idler, driving pulleys, bent pulleys, snub pulleys, and takeup pulleys. As well as its high strength welding and precision processing technology, Longwei Automatic is dedicated to offering you a standardized, serialized, high strength, high quality belt conveyor pulley one-stop solution.

Driven Pulley: A rotating shaft driven pulley of the BCP-D series is used for the main components of the underneath driving belt conveyor.

Head/Tail Pulley: For both ends of belt conveyor, according to the different drive type and structure.

Bend Pulley/Takeup Pulley: To adjust the running deviation, tighten the belt, increase the driving roller angle, adopts BCP-R fixed shaft belt conveyor pulley or GR200 series roller. As the bending pulley and snub pulley, please consider the belt tension as well as lateral force.

Carrying Idler: Choose GR200 series conveyor roller (anti-static type) to support belts, simplify structures, reduce friction.

Established in year of 2004, Longwei Automation is one of professional  manufacturer  of modular conveyors, kinds of rollers and other conveyor parts in logistic system.
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