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  • Q How to get a quite roller quote?

    A Please provide following information,then we can make an fast offer accordingly.
    1 Roller Series e.g. GR200
    2 Roller Material e.g. zinc-plated carbon steel
    3 Roller Diameter e.g. 60mm
    4 Roller Length e.g. 500mm
    5 Shaft Material e.g. zinc-plated carbon steel
    6 Shaft Length e.g. 520mm
    7 Shaft Diamter e.g. 15mm
    8 Mounting Method e.g. female thread

  • Q What is the application of ball transfer unit?

    Ball transfer unit is used for goods and packages processing, assembly lines, casters, mechanical load, sliding door systems, and mechanical worktables and other needs of smooth, accurate and labor-saving multi-directional moving objects. It is an important parts of conveyor system. Ball transfer units adopts standard module production, it has advantages of short delivery time and product variety. The housing and ball can be made of different materials according to the working environment to ensure the durability. 

    airport cargo material handling ball transfer unit deck
  • Q What is motor drive roller?

    A motor drive rollerMotor Drive Roller (MDR) is a kind of self-powered roller by integrating the motor, gear reduction box and sensor and reasonably installing it into steel tube. Thus the conveying system does not consider motor, chain, intermediate shaft or other auxiliary driving elements; No need for bulky gear reduction box. Just install the motor driven roller on the rack and connect the cable to the power supply, and the job is done. The conveying system is cleaner, denser,beautiful, safe and reliable.
    Motor drive roller is widely applied in food processing, medical production, electronic assembly,airport logistics, postal services, distribution and various industries. It meets diversified and automatic needs of different industries.

  • Q Why flexible expandable is so welcomed by customers, what advantage of it compare to fixed conveyor?

    Flexible expandable conveyor is used to solve problems on transport in such complicated environment as warehousing, packing line and truck loading/unloading, etc. It can handle all sizes of boxed packages with flat bottom. It has an advantage over fixed conveyors in flexibility and movability. It makes skillful use of movement, expansion and compaction so that floor space required can be reduced remarkably. Flexible expandable conveyor is fully steel structure with flexibility. It can be laid out on your request, multiple units can be connect and can be expanded freely to any length required.

  • Q How to select roller of roller conveyor?

    A The selection of roller is generally considered from the following aspects:
    Length: Goods of different width should select suitable length of roller, normally should adopts m 50mm more than the width of goods. For tapered roller of curve conveyor, the conveying width and taper is depended on the goods dimensions and turning radius.
    Roller tube wall thickness and shaft diameter: according to the weight of the conveying goods equally distributed to the loading roller, calculate the required load of each roller, so as to determine the roller tube wall thickness and shaft diameter.
    Material and surface treatment: according to the different conveying environment, determine the material and treatment of the roller (galvanized carbon steel, stainless steel, black oxide finish or rubber lagging).
    Mounting method: mounting method decides the complex of roller disassembly, different mounting method also influence the load capacity or roller. Generally there are mounting methods of spring loaded, female thread, flat milling and shaft pin.


  • Q What’s the characteristic and application of roller conveyor?

    A Roller conveyor is suitable for conveying goods of flat and hard bottom, and is mainly composed of roller, rack, support leg and motor. It has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, fast speed and light working, and can realize multi-variety collinear split conveying. The roller conveyor is easy to connect and filter, and multiple roller lines and other conveying equipment or special plane can be used to form a complex logistics conveying system.
  • Q What type of conveyor should we choose?

    A Bottom condition and conveying direction of conveying goods are the primary factor to determine the conveyor type. Applications of several main conveyors are as below.
    Roller Conveyor: Applicable horizontal delivery of all kinds of goods be in boxes, bags and pallets. Bulk materials, small size items and irregular items require on pallet or in turnover box to delivery.
    Belt Conveyor: Applicable horizontal and inclined delivery of all kinds of bulk material, carton or bag packed goods what unit weight is not heavy.
    Chain conveyor: Be used for delivery of all palletized goods.
    Slat Chain Conveyor: Be used for delivery of irregular goods.
    Speed-fold Chain Conveyor: Widely used in production line of electronic appliances, electrical and mechanical industries.
    Top-Chain Conveyor: Widely used in industries of food, canned foods, pharmaceuticals, beverages, cosmetics, detergent, paper products, condiments, dairy and tobacco.

Established in year of 2004, Longwei Automatic is a comprehensive supplier of conveyor modules, rollers and other conveyor parts in logistic system.
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