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Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyor is the conveyor to transport and bear material by the chain traction, bearing or by the slats, metal mesh or roller which is installed on the chain. It can be divided into chain type, chain plate type, chain mesh and slat type.

Chain type conveyor takes the chain as the traction and carrier to transport the material, the chain can use the ordinary sleeve roller conveyor chain, but also can use other kinds of special chains (such as the accumulating chain, fold-speed chain). The transportation capacity is large, mainly conveying pallets, large turnover boxes, etc. Conveying chain structure is diverse, and there are a variety of accessories, easy to realize accumulation transportation, can be used as assembly line or as the storage of materials transportation.

Slat chain conveyor can meet drink labeling, filling and cleaning equipment such as single column transportation requirement, also can make a single column to multiple column and work slowly, resulting in storage, satisfy the bulk feeding of sterilization machine, bottle storage machine and bottle cold machine.

Chain plate materials:carbon steel, stainless steel, thermoplastic chain. Choose different width or different shapes chain plate according to the needs of your product to complete plane transportation, plane turning, lifting and dropping, etc.

Wire mesh conveyor: modular mesh belts are connected to interlock units by the plastic hinged pin on the extended width of conveyor belt. This method increases the strength of the conveyor belt, and can be assembled into any required width and length. The baffle plate and side plate can also be interlock with hinged pins and become one of the overall parts of the conveyor belt.

Conveyor belt material: carbon steel, stainless steel, thermoplastic chain, according to the needs of your product can choose different width, different shapes of the chain plate to complete plane transportation, plane turning, lifting, dropping and other requirements.

Net belt conveyor structure forms: horizontal linear transportation, lifting climbing transportation and other forms, conveyor belt can be added to lift baffle, side baffle.

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