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Tapered Roller

Taped roller is used in curve transportation. Only tapered roller could insure the accurate convey of goods at the curve. The reason is different line speed on the roller surface, the outer the higher line speed. Its installation is different from other rollers, the roller axis is installed in a certain angle, while the roller surface keep horizontal. In theory, the generatrix extend line of tapered roller should join with the center of a circle of the round frame. By this way it could reach the ideal curve convey.

We provide taped steel roller or straight steel roller with tapered sleeve for customers’ choice. Tapered steel roller is welded by steel plate at the certain angle. Tapered sleeve roller is straight steel roller with tapered plastic sleeve.

Established in year of 2004, Longwei Automatic is a comprehensive supplier of conveyor modules, rollers and other conveyor parts in logistic system.
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