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Zinc-plated Steel Heavy Duty Gravity Conveyor Roller for Conveyor Line

Mounting Method:
Surface Treatment:
Shaft Type:
  • GR800
  • HS Code: 8431390000

GR800 Series Heavy Duty Gravity Conveyor Roller

Feartures heavy duty gravity roller:

  1. Precision ball bearing is fixed in the steel housing, tight and durable, it has heavier load capacity than polymer bearing housing.

  2. It can work well both in high and low temperature.

  3. GR800 series heavy duty gravity roller has the most complete series of diameter, wide range of load capacity.

  4. Roller working temperature range -20℃ to +80℃.

  5. Flange can be made on customer's requirement.

Roller Load

The main factors which influence the roller load capacity are tube, shaft and bearing unit. And it is decided by the weakest one among them.

1. Overload will make the tube distorted during roller operation, make the convey unstable.

2. If the load capacity of shaft is not enough, it will change the adaptive capacity of shaft, and influence the running performance.

3. If the load is much over the permitted load of bearing, it will greatly reduce bearing's lifetime.

You need to know the following design information.

1. What we discuss is the theoretical load capacity of a single roller, but in the application, you need to consider the installation error of the convey surface, local bearing fo goods' loading and unloading and so on.

2. Steel tube and stainless steel tube are suitable for heavier load, their intension and stiffness are similar, normally we consider they are the the same load capacity.

3. The roller mounting methods like female thread, male thread which combine the shaft with the rack, should have larger load capacity than the loose connection ways (e.g. spring loaded, mortise).

4. Precision bearing has larger load capacity than semi-precision pressing bearing. Uniformly distributed load has larger load capacity than concentrated load (curve chart is uniformly distributed, dynamic load).

5. The closer supporting point (bearing position) to shaft end, the larger of the roller load capacity.

6. Some roller's load capacity is limited by other factors (e.g. O-belt's max.driving force, chain's ultimate tension, effective accumulation load).

Please do feel free to consult our sales to get the most suitable roller.

Diagram of  GR800 Heavy Duty Gravity Conveyor RollerGR800 Galvanized Steel Heavy Duty Gravity Conveyor Roller

Dimensions & Alternative Material of  GR800 Heavy Duty Gravity Conveyor Roller

dia.×Tshaft dia.female threadspring loadedflat millingb×hmaterial
Φ25×1.0Φ8L=W+11E=W+9//steel, stainless steel, Aluminium
Φ38×1.2Φ12L=W+11E=W+9E=W+910×10steel, stainless steel
Φ50×1.5Φ12/Φ15L=W+11E=W+9E=W+910×10steel, stainless steel, Aluminium
Φ60×2Φ12/Φ15L=W+11E=W+9E=W+910×10steel, stainless steel, Aluminium
Φ76×3Φ15L=W+12E=W+10E=W+1012×10steel, stainless steel, Aluminium


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