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Light Duty Anticorrosive & Waterproof PVC Conveyor Roller

Mounting Method:
Shaft Type:
  • R1900


  • HS Code: 8431390000

Series R1900  Light Duty Anticorrosive & Waterproof PVC Conveyor Roller

This series of roller is especial for some industry which required roller waterproof, rustproof and anti corrode from acid and alkaline. The roller pipe is made of industrial PVC tube with good chemical stability, and it is much ligher than steel pipe roller with good stability. Other components adopts polymer ball bearing, the inner/outer flange of bearing is made of POM, the ball is made of stainless steel.

The load capacity of PVC tube is much lower than the steel tube of the same diameter, but is has the advantages of low noise, well shockproof, light weight, croosion resistance and easy cleaning.

Diagram of R1900 Light Duty Conveyor Roller

GR900 Anticorrosive Waterproof Light Duty PVC Conveyor Roller

Dimensions of R1900 Light Duty PVC Gravity Roller

dia.×T shaft dia. female thread spring loaded material
Φ20×1.1 Φ6 / E=W+6 PVC
Φ25×1.8 Φ8 / E=W+6 PVC
Φ30×1.8 Φ8 / E=W+6 PVC
Φ38×2.0 Φ8 / E=W+8 PVC
Φ50×2.5 Φ8/Φ10/Φ12 E=W+8 E=W+8 PVC
Φ60×3.0 Φ12 E=W+8 E=W+8 PVC


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