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Full Range of Chain Conveyor Line Components & Parts


Longwei Automatic not only supply finished chain conveyors, but also supply full range of parts of chain conveyor, products is including conveyor rack, head pulley, tail pulley, takeup pulley, chain supporting strip, side guard, motor sprocket, adjustable feet, driving shaft and bearing unit, etc. Either you need buy finished chain conveyor, or need any parts of chain conveyor, please feel free to send us an inquiry.

chain conveyor parts

Specifications/Model Unit Notes
1 head/tail pulley Aluminum alloy and C10B-2 chain
PCS HRB bearing
2 takeup pulley
Aluminum alloy PCS HRB bearing
3 takeup pulley polymer PCS with squre nut is avaiable
4 supporting strip
M white color
5 slider unit


zinc-plated/blackening+plastic unit

6 chain
C10B-2/3.048 m/pc PCS with screws
7 rack, guide slot 120×71×14 without hole+slot welding M
8 rack, guide slot 120×71×14 with hole+slot welding M standard bearing
9 adjustable feet
M20×8mm×150mm PCS
10 motor driven  sprocket
10B15T double-row (customized) PCS blackening
11 motor driven sprocket on shaft 10B17T double-row (customized) PCS blackening
12 driven shaft
tempering black with sleeve
13 mounting bearing
UCFC206 (customized) PCS
14 sheet metal parts according to the drawing

chain conveyor parts


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Established in year of 2004, Longwei Automation is one of professional  manufacturer  of modular conveyors, kinds of rollers and other conveyor parts in logistic system.
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