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Do you know chain driven rollers?

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Do you know chain driven rollers?

The chain driven roller is a linear roller conveyor equipped with a drive motor, which uses multiple power rollers installed side by side on the frame to transport items. As a conveying device, the chain driven roller has large load capacity and strong adaptability to the environment. It can work in places where it is often exposed to oil, water and high temperature, but the chain is easy to wear in a dusty environment. The conveying speed of goods is slow (generally no more than 30m/min).

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  •  What kind of items are chain driven rollers suitable for transportation

  •  How many types of chain driven rollers are there

  •  What should I pay attention to when using chain driven roller


What kind of items are chain driven rollers suitable for transportation

Chain driven roller uses chain drive for conveying, which can be applied to accumulation, divergence, merging, and heavier loads.

The single chain-driven roller conveyor can be used in continuous operation occasions. Under normal circumstances, a chain tensioning mechanism is required; In addition to considering the maximum load capacity of a single roller, special attention should be paid to the ultimate tensile force that the chain can withstand when fully loaded; Compared with double-chain transmission, the roller center distance is more flexible and not affected by the chain pitch.

The double chain-driven roller conveyor can be used in heavy load, frequent starting and braking occasions. Because the torque attenuation of the double chain-driven roller conveyor is relatively large, in order to exert its best transmission performance, the drive of the double chain-driven roller conveyor should be arranged in the middle of the conveyor as much as possible;


How many types of chain driven rollers are there

There are two commonly used chain driven roller types, which are continuous single chain drive and roller-to-roller double sprocket drive. The continuous single-chain drive roller method uses a single chain to drive the roller with a sprocket (each roller only has one sprocket). The drum-to-drum double sprocket drive type is equipped with two sprocket wheels on each drum, and the chain is staggered to connect a pair of drums.


What should I pay attention to when using chain driven roller

The cost of a continuous single-chain drive is lower, but its application has many restrictions. Because only a single chain is used, the sprocket of each roller has only a few teeth in contact with the chain, so it is not suitable for conveying heavier loads, nor is it suitable for situations that require frequent starting and stopping. The size of the sprocket will affect the interval between the rollers. If a smaller roller center distance is required, a double-width chain can be used to match the staggered sprockets; or an idler roller can be placed between every two driving rollers. But the drive motor part should be placed at the output end of the chain driven roller.

The continuous single-chain drive drum mode makes the sprocket on each drum have a larger contact arc angle with the chain and has a larger transmission force. Because the tension and slack of the chain will accumulate, the length of this type of chain driven roller is limited. Generally, the number of continuous chain turns should not exceed 80 turns. If the drive unit is placed in the center of the conveyor, it can make 80 laps on each side, and a total of 160 laps can be achieved. As for the maintenance method, you can manually rotate the roller to regularly lubricate the chain. If the speed exceeds 45 m/min, or in a higher temperature environment, an automatic chain lubrication device must be installed.


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