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Impact Resistance Gravity Galvanized Steel Light Medium Duty Conveyor Roller

Mounting Method:
Surface Treatment:
Shaft Type:
  • GR100
  • HS Code: 8431390000

GR100 Series Impact Resistance Gravity Galvanized Steel Light Medium Duty Conveyor Roller

Character & Advantages 

Specially designed bearing, roller rotation is more portable and flexible. The bearing has a larger clearance than precision ball bearings which makes the roller has better impact load capacity than other series. Although the working noise is a little louder than other rollers, but it could fully meet the requirement of common gravity conveying. It is suitable for low/medium speed transfer, not suggest to be the supporting roller of belt conveyor.  It has widely working temperature range of -10℃ to +80℃.

How to select the suitable roller?


First of all, please confirm that you have obtained the following information:

  • The overall dimensions of the conveyed objects.

  • The weight of each conveying unit.

  • The bottom condition of the conveyed objects.

  •  Whether there are special working environment requirements (e.g. humidity, special high and low temperature, the influence of chemicals, etc.)

  • The conveyor is driven with or without motor.

In order to ensure the smooth conveyance of goods, at least three rollers must be in contact with the conveyed goods at any time. Pallet should be added to transport soft-bag packages when necessary.


According to the approved loading capacity of each roller, the weight of the conveyed object is evenly distributed to a sufficient number of rollers. According to the specific requirements of the overall conveyor, select the appropriate mounting method of the roller.

Goods of different width should choose suitable length of roller (length of roller surface, indicated by W). For straightway convey, normally should

choose according to the formula as below.


In the formula:

B—width of goods

ΔB—width allowance, normally take ΔB=50-150mm.


For the very hard bottom of goods, in the case of not influencing the normal convey and safety, the width of goods could exceed the length of roller, normally take W≥0.8B.


For curve convey, the formula for roller length could refer to

Four Common Material Tube of Conveyor Roller

Mild Steel Tube/Stainless Steel Tube/Alumnium Tube/PVC Tube

Surface Treatment of  Mild Steel Tube

Zinc-plated/PVC Sleeve/Rubber Lagging/Hard Chrome Plating/PU Lagging

Usual Mounting Methods

Female Thread/Male Thread/Spring Loaded/Flat Milling

Other Mounting Methods

Diagram of GR100 Light/Medium Duty Conveyor RollerGR100 Impact Resistance Galvanized Steel Light Medium Duty Conveyor Roller

Dimensions & Alternative Material of GR100 Light/Medium Duty Conveyor Roller

dia.×Tshaft dia.female threadspring loadedflat millingb×hmaterial


steel, stainless steel, Aluminium
Φ38×1.2Φ10/Φ12L=W+9E=W+7E=W+710×11steel, stainless steel
Φ50×1.5Φ12L=W+11E=W+9E=W+910×11steel, stainless steel, Aluminium
Φ60×2Φ12/Φ15L=W+11E=W+9E=W+910×11steel, stainless steel, Aluminium

Note: Diameter 50mm roller can provide PVC sleeve (2mm thickness)