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We are a national high-tech enterprise, which has been committed to the manufacturing of logistics conveyor equipment and parts for 20 years, 

and provides millions of conveyor rollers and tens of thousands of conveyor equipment and parts to many industry users around the world every year. 

We have more than 100 employees, providing R&D, manufacturing, quality management, sales and service.

Strict Seletcion
Raw Material
straight seam high frequency precision roller special welded tube
Roller Tube

Run-out and roundness are the key indexes that affect the performance of the roller, which will directly affect the stability and reliability of the transportation of goods. There are many factors that affect the run-out, mainly the roundness and straightness of the tube. Our company selects the straight seam high frequency precision roller special welded tube, meet the technical standards of GB/T13793, and customized production according to the higher dimensional tolerance, so that the roller can have better round run-out performance than JB/T 7012-2008.

high quality high precision drawn round steel
All the load on the roller is ultimately borne by the shaft. Our company selects high quality high precision drawn round steel as the shaft material, the surface finish is good, easy to cut processing, has greater strength and hardness, all the technical indexes are in line with GB/T 905 related requirements
roller special bearing
Bearing is one of the most critical parts of the roller. Proper selection directly determines the performance and life of the roller. According to the characteristics of the roller, we have configured different types of bearings for each type of roller, and specified clearance, lubrication and sealing methods.
Automatic Processing Equipment
Processing Technology
Automatic Welding

There are often welding processes in the production of the roller, such as welding between the tube and the sprocket, welding between the tube and the flange. Our company introduced argon arc protection automatic welding machine and carbon dioxide gas protection automatic welding machine, the equipment is easy to operate and observe, can work for a long time, reduce manual work intensity, improve production efficiency. Inert gas argon protection, can effectively reduce the workpiece combustion loss; Argon arc welding has stable arc combustion, heat concentration, high temperature of arc column, narrow heat-affected area, dense weld, no welding slag on the welding surface, and no need to do welding treatment, so as to ensure high strength and nice appearance.

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Longwei Automatic is a medium-sized company which is involved in manufacturing of conveyors, rollers and other conveyor parts for over 20 years.  The new manufacturing facility covers an area of about 30,000 square meters
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