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When can the ball transfer be used?

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When can the ball transfer be used?

Ball transfer is a way of conveying goods such as conveyor parts, which can be used in heavy and light industrial ball conveyor units for conveyor belt safety equipment. The omnidirectional ball drive is made of the highest quality materials, which is durable and efficient in material handling. The ball transfer units are made of galvanized carbon steel and stainless steel, and heavy-duty nylon balls can be used for non-marking applications.

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What are the characteristics of the ball transfer?

What can the ball transfer be used to transmit?

How to calculate the load of the ball transfer?

What are the characteristics of the ball transfer?

The ball transfer product portfolio provides material handling solutions for specific products and applications. The device portfolio aims to achieve application diversity to meet various customer needs in the material handling industry. Ball transfer units cover 13 different ball drive types, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and nylon. point. It also allows new and modified designs according to customer needs. Many materials handling solutions are provided by ball transfer to obtain high-quality products for immediate delivery. Its focus is to provide services to the material handling industry, simplifying the product fulfillment process through flexible ball transfer.

What can the ball transfer be used to transmit?

There are many possible applications for ball transfer. Some typical applications include cargo and baggage handling, assembly lines, casters, machine loading, sliding door systems, machine tables, etc. In these applications, the load needs to move smoothly and accurately in any direction with minimal effort. In addition to transporting these goods, the ball transfer units can also transport some special items to support product movement or fulfillment. These additional products can include trolleys, tables, scales, furniture, and air cargo.

How to calculate the load of the ball transfer?

If the weight of the item being transported is divided by 3, the result will give the maximum load that any single ball can bear. You can use numbers greater than 3 on any precise, flat, or flexible surface. The surface hardness and condition of the product should be considered when using it to avoid the penetration of the sphere. When calculating the load of the ball transfer, consider the possibility of the impact caused by incorrect levels. If there are regular shocks, the spring-loaded unit will reduce wear. The installation of compressible pads can also reduce shock loads. The ball transfer units can also be expanded and contracted in other ways, such as pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, cams, or levers. The ball transfer can be used in any direction, but deviations from the vertical direction may cause a reduction in the rated load.

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