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What you need to know about accumulating roller conveyors?

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What you need to know about accumulating roller conveyors?

I believe that many terminal manufacturers have encountered a problem. The speed of the front-end conveyor is fast, and the back-end conveyor is slow. On the original production line connected to the front and back-end conveyors, the conveyed items are fighting with each other. How to avoid this situation? Today, I will introduce to you what kind of reasonable conveyor should be used to solve these problems when encountering this situation in actual production. It is the accumulating roller conveyor.

Here is the content list:

  •  What parts does the accumulating roller conveyor have

  •  What are the working principles of the accumulating roller conveyor

  •  What are the characteristics of double chain accumulating roller conveyors

What parts does the accumulating roller conveyor have

The accumulating roller conveyor system has:

Multiple accumulating roller conveyors, which are arranged in a manner that sequentially transports workpieces toward the downstream side.

Partial load detection section, which detects a plurality of accumulating roller conveyors, at least one of the transport areas on the accumulating roller conveyor should include the downstream end of the transport direction, and the loading capacity of the workpiece in the detection area is the partial loading.

The speed control unit adjusts the corresponding speed based on the value of the partial load detected by the load detection unit, and the speed control unit reduces the speed of the accumulating roller conveyor in response to the increase in the value of the load.

What are the working principles of the accumulating roller conveyor

The accumulating roller conveyor is a conveyor made of accumulating rollers. The difference between accumulating rollers and ordinary rollers lies in the connection between the drive gear and the roller body itself. Ordinary rollers use a fixed connection, and the accumulating roller conveyor uses a movable connection. When accumulating goods, the gear rotates, but the drum body itself does not rotate, but the ordinary drum rotates together. The driving mode of the accumulating roller conveyor can be a motor or an electric roller, and the accumulating mode can be realized by electric control or by a block.

In addition to the conveying capacity of the general roller, the accumulating roller conveyor also allows items to stop and accumulate on the roller conveyor while the drive is running as usual, and the conveying resistance does not increase significantly. It is very suitable for the needs of the roller conveyor line Temporary stay and accumulating section.

What are the characteristics of double chain accumulating roller conveyors

1. Typical telescopic accumulation, the accumulation power depends on the load and is automatically adjusted within a certain range.

2. Precision ball bearing, polymer bearing unit consisting of housing, and end cap is very important. It is not only for good looks but furthermore for smooth and quiet operation.

3. The end caps of the accumulating roller conveyor are well resistant to dust and water splashes in the working environment.

4. Compared with the traditional steel sprocket, the high-performance polyamide sprocket is used as the driving element and the running noise is relatively low.

5. Normally, the weight of conveyed goods is 10~30kg.

6. Temperature range -5°C to +40°C.

Today,Huzhou Longwei Import & Export Co., Ltd. has been well developed. And the intelligence of accumulating roller conveyors is very high, and gradually tends to the unification of international standards. Whether it is a simple accumulating roller conveyor or an intelligent accumulating roller conveyor. Fiber accumulating roller conveyor is an ideal choice.

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