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What's Is A Gravity Flexible Expandable Roller Conveyor for Efficient Material Handling?

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What's Is A Gravity Flexible Expandable Roller Conveyor for Efficient Material Handling?

The brief introduction of gravity flexible expandable roller conveyor

Gravity flexible expandable roller conveyor is mainly composed of gravity roller, expansion scissor and support leg. The conveyor is suitable for the handling of all different sizes boxed packages with hard flat bottom. In comparison to a fixed conveyor, its movable and flexible, the conveyor frame can be in any shape like straight, S-curved shape or circular shape, and the length is expandable. The height of support leg is adjustable with casters.

Main features of gravity flexible expandable roller conveyor

It can be freely extended and retracted, and change conveying direction to any angle to load and unload goods.

Large loading/unloading capacity, suitable for long distance conveying, saving time and labour.

Height is adjustable, maximum loading weight 80kg/meter.

Casters with brake on the support leg, it is easy for movement and flexible use.

Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and long service life.

No power supply is required, and autonomous unloading can be achieved by adjustable the height of support leg.

Conveyor safe guard can be optional installed on both sides of the conveyor to prevent goods from slipping.

The application area of gravity flexible expandable roller conveyor

Flexible expandable conveyor is used to solve problems on transport in such complicated environment as warehousing, packing line and loading/unloading etc, It is widely applied in the industries like e-commerce logistics, cold chain warehousing, food and beverage, medical centers, electronic appliances, machinery manufacturing, auto parts and other industries.

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Established in year of 2004, Longwei Automatic is a comprehensive supplier of conveyor modules, rollers and other conveyor parts in logistic system.
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