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What is the transfer roller of the printer?

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What is the transfer roller of the printer?

Small desktop printers do not have electrode wires, and it uses transfer rollers to achieve transfer. The transfer roller is a rubber rod with a cylindrical iron core in the middle. The function of the transfer roller is to absorb the absorbed toner on the drum core onto the paper. So do you know more details about the transfer roller?

Here is the content list:

Where is the transfer roller in the printer?

How to judge the quality of the transfer roller?

How to clean the transfer roller?

Where is the transfer roller in the printer?

From the perspective of the paper feeding sequence, the transfer roller is generally behind the drum core, that is, after the paper passes the drum core (developing), it passes through the transfer roller (that is, the toner image on the drum core is transferred to the paper). The next step is Fixed. The transfer roller is generally on the back of the paper, so if the back of the paper is dirty when printing on one side, it may be that the transfer roller is dirty, or the fixing pressure roller is dirty. To find the transfer roller from the printer, you can try to find the part between the drum assembly and the fuser. It is usually easy to find. In addition, some machines such as laser printers have the transfer roller on the drum assembly, next to the drum core or below the drum core.

How to judge the quality of the transfer roller?

First of all, the shock resistance, ink bar resistance, ink adhesion, and dot reduction of the transfer roller will be affected by changes in hardness. Therefore, if you want to know its hardness, you can use the JIS-A hardness test method to test its hardness The hardness tester can also be used to measure the condition, the latter is commonly used in other countries. However, since the hardness of the rubber roller will change as the temperature rises, it should be compared at the same temperature when testing the hardness. When testing hardness, the temperature is usually set at 20°C. Temperature not only affects the hardness but also affects the change in the diameter of the transfer roller. Due to its particularity, once the temperature is too high and linear expansion occurs, its expansion coefficient will be more than ten times that of ordinary metals. The change in the width of the impressive line of the cylinder has a great influence.

How to clean the transfer roller?

First, open the side door of the copier, you can see the transfer spoke. When cleaning the transfer roller, rotate the transfer mixer by hand while wiping it with paper. The surface of the transfer radiation is cleaned by applying a charge of the same polarity as the toner. Using the principle of repulsion of the same charge, during the cleaning of the transfer roller, when the high-voltage power supply provides a negative cleaning voltage to the transfer roller, the negatively charged toner on the transfer roller is forced to be pushed back to the photoconductor drum, and then The transfer roller provides a positive cleaning voltage and pushes the positively charged toner on the transfer roller back to the photoconductor drum. Do this repeatedly.

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