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What are the advantages of the ball transfer units?

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What are the advantages of the ball transfer units?

The ball transfer units have proven themselves as components in conveyor systems, feeders, manufacturing machines, and packaging equipment. with Ball transfer units, many things can be lightly conveyed. They find use on press brakes, metrology instruments, for conveying materials in clean rooms and miniature instruments, as well as cargo handling and conveyor systems. So what are the specific advantages of the ball transfer units?

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What are the components of the ball transfer units?

The ball transfer unit is an omnidirectional, low-friction material conveying device, which is part of a special conveying system. The ball transfer unit consists of a large, precise ball bearing whose upper part protrudes and is located in a metal shell. The lower edge of the ball bearing is also supported and fixed in the housing by a layer of smaller ball bearings. This allows the big ball to rotate freely in all directions with very little friction. Rows of ball transfer units are installed on metal slides, and the metal slides are installed side by side on the transfer bed, providing a large area of free-spinning balls, and materials can pass smoothly in any direction.

The working principle of the ball transfer units

The ball transfer unit makes the goods placed on the conveying bed move in all directions. It is relatively simple, relying on a non-powered device that is inherently stable and frictionless in free-rotating ball bearings. These units consist of a large ball bearing enclosed in a tubular casing, one end of which is crimped or restrained. This restriction keeps the ball bearing fixed in the housing while allowing it to rotate freely, with a part of the surface of the ball protruding from the tube. In the hemispherical cup under the big ball, there is a layer of small balls in constant contact with the lower surface of the big ball, so that the big ball can rotate smoothly in all directions with minimal friction. Then install several ball transfer units on a flat plate or wheel. This arrangement presents a large free-spinning spherical surface on which the material can move smoothly in all directions.

Distinctive advantages of the ball transfer units

1. The ball transfer units are designed to ensure precise rolling in all installation positions

2. The ball transfer units ensure full load/bearing capacity

3. The ball transfer units are low maintenance

4. DieAlmost all ball transfer units are protected against dirt by an oil-impregnated felt seal

5. The ball transfer units can be installed quickly and cost-effectively

6. The modular nature of these ball transfer units makes them easy to replace any single ball conveyor that is damaged or inoperable. The low profile and medium size of these devices also make them ideal for similar device applications

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