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The prospect of roller conveyors

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The prospect of roller conveyors

There are many types of general and special products of roller conveyors. The specifications are relatively complete, and the structure types are various. After continuous updating and improvement, the specifications have been achieved and the standardization and series of roller conveyors have been promoted in the production. The purpose of globalization and generalization can meet the production needs of all walks of life. Next, I will introduce the roller conveyor in detail.

Here is the content list:

l What is the basis for choosing a roller conveyor?

l How to carry out daily maintenance on the roller conveyor?

l What is the prospect of roller conveyors?

What is the basis for choosing a roller conveyor?

To ensure that the goods can be transported smoothly, at least three rollers must be in contact with the transported object at any point in time. For flexible packaging items, they must be transported in a turnover box or on a pallet.

1. Selection of roller length of roller conveyor: For goods with different widths, you should choose a roller with a more suitable width. Under normal circumstances, "conveyor +50mm" is used, and the unilateral gap should be at least 20mm or more;

2. The wall thickness and shaft diameter of the rollers of the roller conveyor: according to the weight of the conveyed material, it is evenly distributed to the contacting rollers, and the bearing weight of each roller is calculated to determine the wall thickness and shaft diameter of the rollers;

3. Selection of the roller material of the roller conveyor: According to the different conveying environments, determine the material and surface treatment of the roller (carbon steel galvanized, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, blackened, or coated, stainless steel).

4. Choice of roller installation methods: spring press-in type, internal tooth shaft type, flat tenon shaft type, through shaft pinhole type, etc. For the tapered roller of the turning machine, the width and taper of the roller surface depend on the size of the goods and the turning radius.

How to carry out daily maintenance on the roller conveyor?

To prolong the service life of the roller conveyor, the maintenance of the roller conveyor must be done well.

1. Regularly clean the powder and dust on the roller conveyor

2. Regularly check whether the shell and end cover of the roller conveyor is firm

3. Good lubrication, thereby reducing the wear of sprocket and chain

4. Avoid overload operation and prolong the service life of roller conveyors.

What is the prospect of roller conveyors?

With the development of electronic technology and mechanical processing technology, the application of high and new technology such as intelligence, high efficiency, and photoelectric integration on the power roller conveyor can not only improve the production efficiency and economic benefits of the roller conveyor but also reduce consumption and cost. Now the power roller conveyor has been flexibly used in the food packaging industry and medical packaging, express logistics warehouses, palletizing robot conveyor lines, home appliance assembly lines, and other related industries, and the technology used by roller conveyors are still constantly being used. In the process of improvement and improvement, the purpose is to enable the roller conveyor to better conform to the market and meet the demand.

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