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Do you know the power conveyor rollers?

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Do you know the power conveyor rollers?

Power conveyor rollers are widely used in some industries, can help improve the efficiency of cargo transport sorting, in the electronics factory industry, food industry, machinery packaging, and other industries are popular. Here's a quick introduction to power conveyor rollers.

Here is the content list:

●What are the characteristics of power conveyor rollers?

●What are the uses of power conveyor rollers?

●What should I focus on during the power conveyor roller installation process?

What are the characteristics of power conveyor rollers?

1) Flexible layout, easy to segment and connect, according to the needs of the scene, the formation of straight lines, arcs, horizontal, tilt, branch, convection, and other sections and auxiliary devices, forming open, closed, flat, three-dimensional, and other forms of transmission lines.

2) Power conveyor roller function forms are diverse, can be by gravity, power type, stack type, and other modes of transport or accumulation of goods, can lift, move, flip items in the process of transport, and combined with auxiliary devices, according to a right angle, parallel, up and down and other ways to achieve the transfer of items between power conveyor rollers and other conveying equipment.

3) Easy and process equipment convergence matching, the connection mode is simple and compact, and sometimes can be directly used as the process equipment material input and output segment; 4) Smooth delivery of goods, docking precision, easy to transport the process of the items processing, assembly, testing, sorting, packaging, and other process operations, the delivery process is easy to achieve automatic control.

What are the uses of power conveyor rollers?

A power conveyor roller is a continuous conveyor that arranges several rollers in a certain order of spacing between the frames on both sides. Mainly used to transport a regular shape, the bottom straight pieces of items, such as box containers, bags, pallets, and so on. It has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, economy, and energy-saving, and has good compatibility and matching with the production process. Over the past 20 years, a variety of general-purpose and dedicated power conveyor rollers have been rapidly and widely developed. More and more widely used in machining, metallurgy, building materials, military industry, chemical industry, medicine, light industry, food, post, and telecommunications, as well as warehouses and material distribution centers and other industries. power conveyor rollers are essential equipment for various industries to increase productivity, reduce labor intensity and form automated production lines. power conveyor rollers are widely used, continuous conveyors.

What should I focus on during the power conveyor roller installation process?

1, The installation of power roller conveyor inspection turning cylinder centerline and conveyor axis is not maintained vertical, if not on the demand hastened to adjust. 

2, The installation of power conveyor roller, but also pay attention to the barrel body to stabilize the ground, adhere to a horizontal position above. 

3, Power conveyor roller cylinder filling mode and number, power drum refueling package power amount, are also important factors affecting the efficiency of power roller. 

4, To usually check whether the power conveyor roller parts wear if there are obstacles, to immediately stop work, check mechanical obstacles for reasons, repair, and then work.

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