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Do you know the drum motor roller?

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Do you know the drum motor roller?

Drum motor roller is a kind of transmission tool. It has many advantages such as compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low noise, long service life, stable operation, reliable work, good sealing, small space occupation, and convenient installation. If you are interested, you can continue reading.

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l What is a drum motor roller?

l How can drum motor rollers be classified according to the cooling method?

l What are the characteristics of drum motor rollers?

What is a drum motor roller?

Drum motor roller is a new type of driving device that puts the motor and reducer in the drum. It is mainly used for fixed and mobile belt conveyors, instead of traditional motors, and a separate drive device with a reducer in addition to the drive roller.

According to the needs of some special occasions of the belt conveyor, an external electric drum with a deceleration device between the separate drive in the cylinder and the drive of the electric cylinder and the motor outside the cylinder has appeared. Therefore, the drum motor roller is automatically power transmission, which is more convenient. It is suitable for all kinds of environmental work, including the transportation of food, medicine, common parts, etc.

What can drum motor rollers be used to transport?

Drum motor roller is a kind of roller transportation roller, its volume is not large, it can be used to transport all kinds of bulk or packaged small objects, such as daily necessities, food, medicine, etc. The drum motor roller is suitable for the transportation of all kinds of goods packed in boxes, bags and pallets. Bulk materials, small items or irregular items need to be delivered in pallets or turnover boxes.

All in all, drum motor rollers are drived by high strengthen belt, it has features of nice appearance, stable conveying, low noise can easy disassembly and replacement. Drum motor roller is very suitable for small companies, and the price is very high.

What are the characteristics of drum motor rollers?

The drum motor roller has a small appearance and a simple structure. Allows providing solutions in the field of handling and conveying a single load. At the same time, the maintenance after use is very simple. Because the electric drum is lubricated with synthetic grease, there is no need for maintenance. The size of the electric roller is the same as that of the free roller normally used for conveyors, so it is easy to integrate into a place where the conveyor can be motorized quickly.

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