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Do you know anything about belt conveyors?

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Do you know anything about belt conveyors?

The use of the endless movement of the belt to transport materials is called a belt conveyor. The main components of a belt conveyor include a driving device, roller group, vertical tension device, idler group, sweeper, conveyor belt, safety protection device, etc. Now let's take a look.

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  •  What is the working principle of a belt conveyor

  •  What is the introduction of the belt conveyor

  •  What are the devices of belt conveyors

What is the working principle of a belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is a kind of continuous transport machinery, which uses the transport belt as the traction and bearing parts to transport things. The conveyor belt passes through the driving drum and various steering drums, and the tension is properly given by the tension device. When working, driven by the driving device, the conveyor belt runs through the friction and tension between the drum and the conveyor belt. Articles are continuously sent to the conveyor belt, and move with the conveyor belt, to realize the conveying of articles.

What is the introduction of the belt conveyor

With the continuous development of the economy and coal energy, great changes have taken place in the coal mine underground transportation system. A Belt conveyor is a kind of transport machinery in the coal mine. Coal mining area has the characteristics of narrow space, uneven roadway floor, frequent movement of coal mining face, short roadway use time, and so on. The quality of transportation equipment is a very important link, because the mechanization degree of coal mining is constantly improving, and the progress of working face is also accelerating. Belt conveyor has the advantages of long conveying distance, large conveying capacity, small working resistance, convenient installation, low energy consumption, and small wear; When the inclined roadway is transported downward, the inclination angle is not more than 15 degrees. When the inclination angle is more than 15 degrees, the belt driving drum stops rotating. Due to inertia, the belt moves forward with the unloading drum, and the goods on the belt are stacked on the driving drum; Secondly, although the belt stops, due to the large slope and small resistance, the goods will slide down by themselves.

What are the devices of the belt conveyor

The belt conveyor has a vertical tension device, which is mainly composed of an up and down steering roller and counterweight roller. Its function is to tension the counterweight roller through the counterweight to make the whole belt in tension. In this way, the belt conveyor can operate better and the operation efficiency is higher.


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