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Medium Duty Gravity Zinc-plated Steel Conveyor Roller for Roller Conveyor

Mounting Method:
Surface Treatment:
Shaft Type:
  • GR100
  • HS Code: 8431390000

Character & Advantage of GR100 Light/Medium Duty Zinc-plated Steel Gravity Conveyor Roller

  1. As the typical product in the gravity roller series, it is widely applied, especially in the carton conveying area, e.g. airport luggage handling and logistic distribution center.

  2. Precision ball bearing, polymer bearing housing and end cap form the bearing unit which is very important. It is not only for good looking but also further more for the smooth and quiet running.

  3. The end cap of roller resists dust and water splash well in working environment.

  4. The design of polymer bearing housing makes it able to operate in some special environment.

  5. The lubricating method of bearing could be oil lubricating or grease lubricating as requirement.

  6. Suitable for the high speed conveying. Speed could vary according to diameter and length of roller, max speed up to 120m/min.

  7. Temperature range -5℃ to +40℃.

Recommend Length of GR100 Light/Medium Duty Zinc-plated Steel Gravity Conveyor Roller

conveyor length

Goods of different width should choose suitable length of roller (length of roller surface, indicated by W). For straightway convey, normally should choose according to the formula as below.


In the formula:

B—width of goods

ΔB—width allowance, normally take ΔB=50-150mm.

Tube & Surface Treatment

With the development of tubulation technology and welding technology, the high frequency straight seam welded tube has replace the seamless tube to be the main current roller tube in logistics. Compared with seamless tube, welded tube has great advantage in balance, appearance and cost, meanwhile in the mechanics and physical performance totally meet the requirement of roller in the loading and bending.

Zinc-plated is the most popular surface treatment. The surface is electroplated through electrolysis, resulted in the rustproof in a certain extent.

1. Trivalent chromium blue-white zinc plated, confirmed to the requirement of environment protection. Special sealing process make our zinc-plated much more rustproof than common one, especially in the salt spray testing.

2. The suitable thickness of zinc layer for roller is 8-12μ m. If zinc layer is too thin, the rustproof capacity is lowered greatly; but if too thick, the zinc layer is easily spalling, and it brings meaningless cost increase.

3. The rustproof capacity of zinc-plated is limited. It will decay quickly in the moist and acid-base environment. In the case of roller shipment by sea, special packing for shipment by is still needed.

4. Zinc-plated is not of strong abrasion resistance, it will fray gradually in the operation. If needed, you could choose the hard chrome plating or other surface treatment.

5. Food is not allowed contact directly with zinc-plated surface.

Recommend Mounting Method of GR100 Light/Medium Duty Zinc-plated Steel Gravity Conveyor Roller-Spring Loaded

1. Most popular mounting method in gravity roller, assembly and disassembly are simple and quick.

2. Draw bar is needed between frames to stabilize and reinforce the conveyor.

3. The installation hole on frame should be bigger than the shaft diameter, normally +0.5mm.

4. Installation allowance is needed between the frame inner width and roller. It is not only for leaning installation, but also for the accuracy of frame installation (recommended 1mm for one side, total 2mm for the installation allowance).

5. Spring loaded mounting method is not recommended for the sprocket roller, it could cause unpredictable problem.

Diagram of GR100 Light/Medium Duty Zinc-plated Steel Gravity Conveyor Roller

universal gravity conveyor roller

Dimensions & Alternative Material of GR100 Light/Medium Duty Zinc-plated Steel Gravity Conveyor Roller

dia.×Tshaft dia.female threadspring loadedflat millingb×hmaterial
Φ38×1.2Φ8/Φ10/Φ12/11hexL=W+10E=W+9E=W+910×11steel, stainless steel
Φ50×1.5Φ12/Φ15/11hexL=W+10E=W+9E=W+910×11steel, stainless steel, Aluminium
Φ60×2Φ12/Φ15/11hexL=W+10E=W+9E=W+912×11steel, stainless steel, Aluminium