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Galvanized Steel Double Grooves O-belt Driven Conveyor Roller

Mounting Method:
Surface Treatment:
Shaft Type:
  • DR240
  • HS Code: 8431390000

Character & Advantage of DR240 Double Grooves O-belt Driven Conveyor Roller

  1. Compared with chain driven roller, belt driven conveyor roller has the advantages of high speed and low noise, it is widely applied in light or medium box-typed delivery.

  2. Bearing unit is composed by precision ball bearing, polymer bearing housing and end cap. It is not only for good looking, but also further more for the smooth, quiet running, waterproof.

  3. The end cap of roller resists dust and water splash well in working environment.

  4. Except standard type, the position and number of grooves could be customized.

  5. O-belt driven grooved roller is suitable in high speed transpor. Conveying speed could vary according to diameter and length of roller, max speed up to 120m/min.

  6. Working temperature range -5℃ to +40℃.

Features of Doulbe Groove Belt Driven Transmission.

-Flexible layout, easy installation and maintenance;

-Torque attenuation is fast, a single motor driven roller can usually effectively drive 7~8 passive rollers only, the weight of a single of conveying workpiece should not exceed 30kg in a conveying unit;

-O-ring belt installation requires a certain amount of preload, different "O" belt manufacturers, preload will be different.  (for details, please consult the professional "O" belt suppliers), generally 5%~8% (that is, 5%~8% from the theoretical bottom diameter ring length).

Double Groove Belt Driven Roller Layout

double groove belt driven roller layout

Diagram of DR240 Double Grooves O-belt Conveyor Roller

DR240 Double Groove O-belt Driven Conveyor Roller

Dimensions & Alternative Material of DR240 Double Grooves O-belt Conveyor Roller

dia.×Tshaft dia.female threadspring loadedflat millingb×hmaterial
Φ38×1.2Φ12/11hexL=W+11E=W+9E=W+910×10steel, stainless steel
Φ50×1.5Φ12L=W+11E=W+9E=W+910×10steel, stainless steel, 
Φ60×2Φ12L=W+11E=W+9E=W+910×10steel, stainless steel, 


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