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DC24V/48V Brushless High Speed Direct Driven Motor Roller

output torque:
roller material:
drive head:
  • DGDD
  • HS Code: 8431390000

The Character & Advantage of DC Direct-Driven Motor Roller-DGDD

  • DD motor driven roller is suitable for high speed, medium and light load.

  • Built-in external rotor direct-driven brushless DC motor, no gear reduction, quieter and more reliable.

  • Output torque is optional, ASS low power type, AS standard power type, BP high power type.

  • Adopts DC24V or DC48V safety voltage.

  • Speed 30-180m/min, common type 30%-100%, servo type 10%-100%.

  • Multiple intelligent controller are adapted to realize IO control, ZPA functions and RS485,

  • MODBUS, Ethernet communication.

DC Direct-Driven Motor Roller-DGDD Specifications

DGDD motor roller Specifications

DGDD motor roller Specifications


1. 1N=0.1 kgf, 1N·m=0.1 kgf·m;

2. The values in this table are for reference only

3. Constant speed closed loop control, no load or rated load, the same speed

4. The adjustable speed range is 10%-100% of the rated speed;

5. Magnetic encoders and rotary transformers can also be upgraded to achieve servo performance.

6. Other speeds can be customized

7. This table is applicable for sprocket driven mode;

Single drive segment load shall not exceed 100kg by polyvee driven mode.

Single drive degment load shall not exceed 35kg by O-belt driven mode.

DC Direct-Driven Motor Roller-DGDD Corresponding Name of Parts

DGDD corrossponding components

1. cable 3. front bearing housing 5. gear box 7. tube wall 9. end shaft
2. outlet end shaft 4. motor 6. fixture 8. rear bearing housing 10. Hall chip


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