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DC Gear Motor Poly-vee Pulley Driven Roller for Box-type Transport

output torque:
roller material:
drive head:
  • DC50
  • HS Code: 8431390000

The Character & Advantage of DC Gear Motor Poly-vee Pulley Driven Roller

  • DC50 motor driven roller is suitable for adjustable speed, medium and light load.

  • Built-in high-efficiency direct brushless gear reduction motor, use with controlller.

  • Output torque is optional, ASS low power type, AS standard power type, BP high power type.

  • Adopts DC24V or DC48V safety voltage.

  • Speed 0.5-300m/min, adjustable range 10%-100%.

  • Multiple intelligent controller are adapted to realize IO control, ZPA functions and RS485, MODBUS, Ethernet communication.

DC Gear Motor Driven Roller-DC50 Corresponding Name of Parts

1. cable 3. front bearing housing 5. gear box 7. tube wall 9. end shaft
2. outlet end shaft 4. motor 6. fixture 8. rear bearing housing 10. Hall chip

Gear Motor Roller Corresponding Name of Parts

What is Motor Driven Roller?

Motor Driven Roller (MDR) is a self-powered roller by integrating the motor, gear reduction box and sensor and reasonably installing it into steel tube.

Thus the conveying system does not consider motor, chain, intermediate shaft or other auxiliary driving elements; No need for bulky gear reduction box. Just install the motor driven roller on the rack and connect the cable to the power supply, and the job is done. The conveying system is cleaner, denser, beautiful, safe and reliable.

Motor driven roller is widely applied in food processing, medical production, electronic assembly, airport logistics, postal services, distribution and various industries. It meets diversified and automatic needs of different industries.

The DC motor driven roller produced by our company is characterized by compact structure, stable operation, low noisy and large torque. Low voltage and built-in thermal protector makes it safe and reliable. The roller has a variety of driving mode, linear speed and dimensions for customers to choose.


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