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Bolt Stud Fixing Type Bearing Transfer Ball Unit

  • 1825
  • HS Code: 8431390000

Stud Mount Type Ball Trasfer Unit

Ball transfer units are a multi-directional, material handling system. Moving in all directions, ball transfer units enable the easy transfer of light and heavy loads — changing the direction of motioninstandtly.

There are many possible applications where loads needs to move smoothly, precisely and with a minimum effort in any direction. Some typical applications include cargo and baggage handling, assembly lines, as a castor, machine loading, sliding-door systems, machine tables, etc.


Features: Adjustable height, drilled hole fixing, alternative material like plastic (nylon), steel and stainless steel.

bolt mount ball transfer unit


ref no. material loading capacity (kg) weight
suggest max.
1825 CS/CS 30 40 170
PL/CS 15 20 110
SS/SS 20 30 170
PL/SS 15 20 110

Advice Before Use of Ball Transfer Unit

  1. It is recommended to add lubricant before use.

  2. When calculating the maximum load weight of a single unit, it is recommended to use the "Suggested" load capacity. When the ball-to-up type unit is used downwards, it is recommended with 50% loading capacity data.

  3. The material surface is better as flat as possible. It is recommender to use iron tray.

  4. It is recommend to place at least 3 columns (rows) of units in contact with the material surface.

  5. The arrangement method is generally horizontal and rhombic, and the rhombic arrangement needs to place one column (row) of units more than the horizontal arrangement.

  6. You can use spring-loaded ball transfer units when the material surface is uneven.

  7. The unit with spring needs to consider the load problem, and it is necessary to increase the number of units.

  8. It is recommender to use it normally linear speed not exceed 2m/s.

  9. When the linear speed is 1m/s, the dynamic friction coefficient is about 0.05-0.005μand the friction coefficient will vary according to the material of ball transfer unit.

  10. Full steel or stainless steel material ball transfer units can used in maximum temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius, full plastic material type recommended not over than 60 degrees Celsius.


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