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Belt Conveyor

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Belt conveyor is composed of middle frame, idler and driving device to tension conveyor belt, wherein conveyor belt is as a traction and loading component to continuously transport the scattered material or the finished product. It has features as below.

1. Smooth convey, no relative movement between material and belt, to avoid the destroy of conveying goods.

2. Low noise, be suitable to quiet working environment.

3. Modular design, easy assembly.

4. Smaller energy consumption, the use of low cost.

Conveyor belt has many material like PVC, PU and nylon, etc., except for the conveying  universal material, but also to meet the  oil resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-static and other special requirement of the delivery of materials. Adopting special food grade conveyor belt, it can meet the special requirement of delivery like food, pharmacy and daily chemical, etc.

Belt conveyor has types of trough belt conveyor, plain belt conveyor, climbing belt conveyor and curved belt conveyor etc., such accessories as push plate, sidewall, and apron may be additionally fixed on the conveying belt so as to meet different technological requirements. Conveyor sides match with workbench, adding the fixtures, can be used as electronic instrument assembly, food packaging, and other assembly line.

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